Hoang Lam (1943-1968), whose  proper name is Phan Binh Trung, was born in a poor, rural family in Long Mỹ Town, Giồng Trôm district. His father passed away soon and his mother became blind. After grade 6, Hoang Lam left the family to be the messenger in the Revolution provincial post line, in charged by Hoang Tho. Recognised by his intelligence and bravery, Hoang Lam was chosen to take part in a training course of Commando in Thừa Đức (Bình Đại district)  Commando those days was divided into 2 kinds, land force and marine force. Hoang Lam volunteered to fight in marine with his swimming talent. In the war, the line of death and life was delicate. In the attack of Lunar New Year 1968, he joined the leading teams, in charged of open the way for land force to occupy the tank park of Ben Tre town. The team encountered a strong defense from the enemy and was nearly totally terminated. Hoang Lam also offered his life in this battle when he was in his young age, only 25.  Ham Luong river had drown hundreds of American ships in the war time with the contribution of the marine force in which the hero Hoang Lam played an important role. Ham Luong, a big branch of Tien river to the sea with 70km length and 1000-1500m width in Ben Tre province, is the natural border line between Minh and Bao islands and makes a great contribution to the prosperity of the towns and districts along its side. From the inspiration of that heroic legend, Ben Tre Riverside Resort was built and the name Hoang Lam is chosen for the main restaurant of our resort.