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Free Bike and Fishing Service

Our Resort has special offer for in house guest as follow: 

-Free bike and bus to the night market from 17: 30  to 19: 30

-Free fishing and food massage  everyday  

-Please contact to reception to get this service 

We also have souvenir shop 24/24 sevice 


Hoang Lam Restaurant Promotion

Chương trình khuyến mãi đặc biệt / Special Promotion

Giảm giá 15% trên tổng hoá đơn thức ăn / Discount 15% on Total Bill

Thời gian áp dụng từ ngày 04/05 đến 30/09


Hot Promotion at VIP room of Hoang Lam Restaurant

With the special  promotion  at VIP room from  the bill is 1,500,000VND  can get free Karaoke and from the bill is  3,000,000VND can get free one dish